Saturday, 13 April 2013

Agitation And Pain . .

My day has consisted of agitation and pain, given morphine to help which caused more agitation. I think it's fair to say that today has been tough. All day I have been in pain and very restless. Doctors wasn't much help earlier today but came back at 6 to see me and just wanted to do some blood tests. My belly has been hurting all day, I've been hitting my belly around near my stoma site and have caused some trauma as a result of this. I've rubbed of god knows how many layers of skin from my nose because I have been really itchy so it is now very red and weeping. My sisters are here for a sleepover tonight, it's been a stressful atmosphere but hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and a more chilled one at that. Weekend is the worst time to become unwell because doctors that don't know me are scared to mess with me or make changes. Mummy hasn't been happy at all today about things but Rhona was great and tried so hard to get the doctors to see me and make some decisions. Lizzy sat with me today for a while whilst mummy picked my sisters up, she doesn't like to see me unwell and not myself. She kept telling mummy to fix me when she got back. Lets hope the weather is nice tomorrow like predicted then I can get out in the sunshine and that might make me feel a but better.


  1. Hi Harvey, hope you had a decent night. Don't know what the weather is like in Sheffield this morning but it is much warmer but breezy. Snow pratically gone. You and your mum was great on the telly little stars. Have a nice day and hope the pain has subsided today. Take care and have fun. Adele xx

  2. Hi Harvey,hope you are feeling a bit better. Did you have a a good weekend ?