Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Controlled hypoglycaemia . .

After meeting with the endocrine doctor yesterday they have decided they want to run some tests to make sure they aren't missing any other conditions that could be causing me to drop my blood sugar levels. They said its unlikely that there's any other problem and that it would be very bad luck if I did on top of everything else I have going on. He feels it is all to do with the problems I have and that I have been on TPN for quite some time now but would like to do the tests to make sure. Tomorrow they are going to do a screening in morning which is just some blood from my line. It's to test what my insulin levels are whilst my TPN is running. Then a bit later in the day and when doctors are on the ward they are going to stop my TPN! Usually it only takes 3 minutes for me to drop my sugars when my TPN isn't running which is why mummy has to be really quick when doing the bag change and everything else at night. So, they will stop my TPN and wait for my sugar levels to drop. In most people they are ok if their sugars go as low as 3.. For me, I start getting symptomatic when they get to 4 and then get really bad any lower. They are going to wait until it goes down to around 2 and then will take some bloods from mu line again to test the levels when i am hypoglycaemic. afterwards I'll have to have an inter muscular injection to see if that corrects my sugar levels. If not then ill have to have a bolus of glucose into my line and then check my sugar levels again. Once the test is finished I will be connected back up to my TPN and then wait for the blood results and go from there. They said the worst that could happen with letting blood sugars drop so low is loose consciousness or have a fit but it will cause no damage.

Today my pain is up again, I have needed lots of pain relief to help settle things. The microbiologist wants me to remain on antibiotics for a few more days rather than the usual course of 5 days because its my second urine infection in a short space of time. The doctor we saw today is going to discuss with a consultant to see if I need to have my large bowel assessed. I have had a stoma for 10 months now and haven't had a camera test since to make sure my large bowel isn't causing any problems. Basically, the small bowel and large bowel aren't connected anymore because I have a stoma which is at the bottom of where the small bowel ends. The large bowel is just inside my body but not doing anything at all but the surgeon wanted to leave it in there incase there was a chance of reversing my stoma but obviously things didn't quite turn out that way.
I went in the snoozalin today with Charlotte and Dizzy Lizzy! It's been a few weeks since I've been in there because its been busy but they managed to take me today and I had a great time. Whilst I was in there mummy tidied our room and changed the bed sheets, I came back, messed it up and thought it was funny to tip my stoma losses over my bed! Mummy didn't see the funny side though. Oops!! I'm just in my bed now watching I can cook and throwing my cards out my bed as far as I can! Got my sisters and Dee Dee coming up tomorrow and then daddy is coming Thursday then won't be long until weekend and i'll have them all here with me, wonder what our next adventure will be...


  1. Hi there Harvey it has been nice to hear you laugh today:)hope you are being good for Becky:)

  2. hope your tests come back as they should... hope your next adventure is a good one :) xxxx

  3. Hi Harvey,you do have some rotten luck. I hope the tests results are positive for you. Knowing your family you'll have a great adventure this weekend. The weather should be a bit warmer which is a good sign. I bet mummy wasn't too pleased after spring cleaning you room and you "roughed" it up again. I don't know, you boys always like things out of place. Have a good sleep tonight, hope you do too Lian. Night love Adele xx

  4. Hi Harv - hope the tests go well tomorrow. You are a very brave boy. Tell mummy I will phone her tomorrow for a catch up, love Michelle. Xx

  5. Hi Harvey, Please thank your Mum for telling me about this blog. Enjoy being a TV star! Love, John (chaplain)