Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hypoglycaemia results And An Afternoon Of Filming With Granada Reports! . .

Well, the test didn't exactly go to plan! For once I actually managed to maintain my sugars but why, who knows! Now, for most of you you'd be thinking well that's good surely, and your right, ideally it would be but because I've been dropping my sugars every time I'm off my TPN and within 3 minutes so to hold my sugars for 4 hours is just bizarre!!

The endocrine doctor came to see us today with a result from one of the tests. My hydrocortisone levels were low which could explain why my sugars keep dropping so tomorrow I've got to have further tests. First of all I have some blood taken from my line, then I have to have some medication followed by blood tests every half an hour at first and then every hour afterwards but I'm not sure for how long.

One of my Gastro/TPN consultants came to see me today, they've increased one of my medicines that is for my liver and are also speaking to the radiologist about the scan I had a few days ago to make sure I have no stones in my gall bladder. He said that because I've been on TPN for some time now stones can be an issue and if I do have any then they will think about taking my gall bladder out. Mummy told him about the pain and asked where it could be coming from. It's not clear as to what is causing me pain and could just be something else that we have to just manage. I have needed a couple of doses of oramorph today as well as paracetamol, buscopan and diclofenac.

So, it's official, I'm going to be a star!! Don't all queue up at once for my autograph!! Haha. Rob from Granada reports came to film us today to help us get my story about. He was a lovely man and made us all feel at ease about everything. He did a few shots of me playing in my bed with Dee Dee and then did a few of daddy giving me my dinner time IV's. he wanted to interview mummy then, so they had to go in a separate room for that. We went down to the snoozalin as well to play for a while and get some shots in there. Overall we were filming for 3 hours. Mummy said I did really good and so did my sisters. Hopefully it'll be on tv tomorrow night but if not it'll be Monday he said.


  1. Been trying to post u a comment for ages Harvey but my stupid phone wouldn't let me!!

    You n mummy did brill today xx

    Can't wait too see you Saturday its going to be another fun weekend :)

    See you soon u little superstar xxx

  2. Hi Harvey and Lian, sounds like you was brilliant and naturals for the camera. Can't wait to see it on telly. Have another great weekend. Bet your tired out after all the excitment, sleep well. Love Adele xx