Sunday, 7 April 2013

Just For A Change, Another Infection! . .

After being unsettled and in pain for 5 days we might just have the answer. Friday late night microbiology phoned to let us know that my line was growing a bug and to see if doctors wanted to start treatment straight away. I had already been put on antibiotics Thursday so mummy said no and that she'd rather wait until the result comes back fully before starting another antibiotic unless I became unwell overnight. On Saturday we found out that the bug that had grown was a 'staff bug' meaning it had come from somebody who had used my line, but microbiology also said that the bug it is could also be a contaminant, meaning that the bottle used could have just been contaminated already and that's what has shown. The bug took a while to grow which is why that has been suggested. So at the minute it is unclear as to whether or not I have a line infection or not. My urine sample came back and shows I have a urine infection though. The type of bug is sensitive to the antibiotics I was started on before hand which is good but it's also a very difficult bug to get rid of and it was only 2-3 weeks ago that I had it then too. It could explain all the pain I've been in and discomfort. I've still been getting low grade temperatures so we'll just have to see what my team what to do about it all tomorrow.

Yesterday we went shopping for DVDs, games and craft bits for the ward. SwizzlesMatlow did a 2 day table top sale to raise money for myself and also to donate some to the ward for all they have done for me. Adler came up with Dee Dee and my sisters so we could go get all the bits. It was fun, I enjoyed getting out for a few hours with them all. They had to leave just after dinner so me and mummy just lounged in my room for a while listening to music and I played with my new duplo. I love it, been playing with it all the time. At about 4 mummy decided to take me for a walk because the sun was shining and wasn't too cold. I liked getting out for a walk and fresh air. When we got back it was time for mummy to do my usual night bits so we put on ant and dec whilst we got sorted for bed. Not long after I settled off.

After a restless nights sleep and waking up in discomfort, mummy set my pain relief up and within an hour I was a bit more settled and happy. We did FaceTime with daddy this morning, he kept yawning on the screen!! We didn't talk for long because he needed to get out of bed and get ready to come down here because we were going out for the day. They all arrived at about 10. We didn't want to set off late so mummy, dee dee and daddy got all my bits together and got me sorted in my chair. I was excited to go out and so was Ellie and Taylor. We didn't know where we was going which makes it even more fun. My sisters were very excited when we turned up at the zoo!! I was too, I couldn't wait to get out the car. We had so much fun at the zoo, my favourite was the elephants and the train ride around the dinosaur valley. We saw so many different monkeys and they were so loud too!! A found a nice picnic spot and set up to enjoy a sit down for a bit. I was happy playing with Dee Dees and mummy's bank cards whilst they all had their sandwiches. I like to people watch as well, I enjoy having people around me, only some people are very rude and stare but that's ok because I spot them and start waving.. They never know where to look then!! It was after the picnic that we spotted the elephants, oh and the meerkat's, they reminded me of Dizzy Lizzy though because she always talks about them to mummy!! Ellie and Taylor got their faces painted just before it was time to go. Ellie was a flower princess and Taylor was a butterfly. Time to head back, it was getting colder and I needed to be back to have my medicines. Mummy got me into my pyjamas when we got back and I played with my duplo and a couple of my favourite bits of Lego. Daddy, Dee Dee, Ellie and Taylor had to go, think the excitement had tired them all out. We all had a lovely day. Think tomorrow me and mummy will need a relaxing day so I can recover from it. Day trips seem to make me really tired and then I need a day to recover. Hopefully there will be some good films on and mummy will put my bed down to play too. See what the doctors say tomorrow about everything and then maybe know if I have a line infection or not.


  1. some great pictures ;o) although that monkey is quite scary!! nice to see you all having fun xxxxx

  2. Looked like you all had a great time xx

  3. Hi Harvey and Lian. I had a nice time on saturday too. It was nice to spend some time with you. Saw the photo's today. Vikki showed them to me. Looks like everyone had a good time. Thats how it should be, having fun. I think the meerkats are really funny. I saw some at the welsh mountain zoo and I could have watched them for hours. Glad you are also feeling a bit better. Here's to more fun and days out. Lets hope the weather warms up for your next trip out. Adele xx