Monday, 15 April 2013

Painful Weekend . .

What a tough weekend, I've been in so much pain and very agitated. As a result of weekend, doctors said I was fine and there's nothing going on to be worried about. This morning my Gastro team have come to see me and said that I've got to go for an X-ray of my tummy, I haven't got very many bowel sounds going on and also the losses from my jejunostomy should be acidic like they are. The consultant said things could be tracking up which would cause the pain so I may have to have my jejunostomy re-sited again. It's been a while since they've looked down with a camera too so that's something they want to do as well. Hopefully we will get some answers by the end of the day as to what we are going to do. Mummy has git the endocrine nurse coming to talk to her today about rescue meds for me that she'll have to give me if I become unwell and how and when to triple or double doses of my medication.
Had my sisters up with me for the weekend, I like having them around. They play with my Lego with me and give me cuddles. We didn't go anywhere this weekend though, I haven't been feeling great so we spent the time in my room. This morning I did school work with my teacher. I enjoyed it but wasn't fully myself. The sun is shining through my window today, it's lovely. I'm laying in my bed catching some rays whilst watch cbeebies and raiding mummy's purse.

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  1. Hiya lian and harvey, sorry to hear that you've not been feeling so good today. Really wish I could do something to take the pain away. I've just watched you both on granada reports. You were both fantastic and very brave.
    Best wishes to you all with hugs and kisses. Love chris and family xxx