Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Theatre Day . .

Today is theatre day for the removal of my Gall Bladder. The afternoon has been made just for my operation because they don't know what they will find or how long it will take. Mummy got told that I'll probably be down all afternoon though. Hopefully this will be the source of my pain and the operation will have been for something rather than nothing. Past few days I have been ok, pain has been under control which has left me happy and smiley, even chuckling at times. I'm going to get mummy to update you all later as to how it all went because I'll be feeling groggy and sleepy. My pain consultant has requested for me to have an epidural for pain relief after surgery. This may not happen but he feels it'll be a good pain relief for me if it works and its one I've not had before. For the first night I will be going to HDU and if I'm good I will be moved back to the ward afterwards. I'm all set for theatre now so its just a waiting game to be called. Wish me luck, and I'll speak soon. 

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