Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Fingers Crossed For Answers . .

Hi, Harvey's mummy here. Harvey's not updated in a while but he's not been up to it. He's still very unsettled and in pain. It was his oldest sisters birthday at weekend so he had his 2 sisters and nannie up for the weekend with a visit from his daddy too. We tried to get Harvey out for a bit on Saturday but after an hour he was unsettled and upset so we had to bring him back. His daddy also tried on Sunday but again he got upset and unsettled so he had to come back for more pain relief. Yesterday he was very unsettled and unhappy so need quite a bit of pain relief. Today he's it better but luckily today his doctor was on the ward and saw just how he has been since weekend. He just seems to be getting more uncomfortable only now its really starting to effect him which is why he's getting so upset. 
Their has still been mixed opinions amongst the doctors about what is causing Harvey so much pain so his surgeon requested for the MRCP scan to have a better look at his Gall Bladder. Radiologists still wasn't sure if they wanted to carry out this test on Harvey so was going to discuss him again this Friday, fortunately though, we got a phone call this afternoon to say that have had a cancellation down in scan so they requested for Harvey to go because he is already starved and ready. At this moment in time he is down there having the scan. He had to be put to sleep for the scan so he has had to have an extra dose of steroids because of his adrenal insufficiency. We should get some results in the next day or two so fingers crossed we get some answers for Harvey and then we can help him with whatever is causing him the discomfort. 

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