Monday, 10 June 2013

We Have Some Answers . .

Hi everybody, apologies for not updating regularly but there's not a lot been happening besides pain, lack of sleep and agitation. 
It was my Ellie's birthday 2 weekends ago so we had nannie, Ellie and Taylor come stay for the weekend, it was really nice even though I couldn't go out and about. They all really enjoyed it too and didn't want to leave when the weekend was over. 
As you know, on Tuesday I had my MRCP scan, the results were ready for us on Friday but because the doctors didn't want to give mixed messages and get any details wrong they wanted the surgeon to come speak to us with results which is why we had the long wait over weekend. Today though, we have the results from the scan and the possible cause for my pain. It's the Gall Bladder. It's not the things that they once thought, but there is problems with it so its been decided its coming out. At the moment we don't have a date but should have by Thursday. Usually it can be done key hole but my surgeon is finding a theatre slot that will allow time for if I have to be cut open instead. I will also need a bed on either HUD or ICU, which again needs to be booked to make sure their is availability down there for me. If my surgeon was to just add me to the list, I should get my slot by August! But because of my discomfort and the time it's been going on, he wants a more urgent slot so he said he's going to go sort this out and will know by the next MDT meeting which is Thursday. 
I have been moved on to ward M3 for a week because M2 is closed for deep clean and staff training. It was only tea time yesterday I got moved but up to now its been ok. The staff are lovely and I am already having them around my little finger :). 

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