Friday, 21 June 2013

Parted From My Neighbour, Back To My Cubicle . .

Dated 21/06/13 - wrote but didn't publish! 
After another early morning party with my mate Sam at 4am we both went back to sleep and slept until gone half 10 whilst our old dears we up and packing after a disturbed nights sleep!! Oops! They got told at about 10 that we were being moved back to M2 in about 2 hours time so they got on gathering everything up. Me and Sam woke once it was all sorted, cos we're good like that! The porter came for us at 12, Sam went first then 2 porters came back down for me and my stuff as there was quite a lot!! They got me back in my old room, I swiped the badges from the porters, checked them out then gave them back.. They said I'm like the security, checking everything's
legit! Haha. 
Mummy sorted the room out, it took around 2 hours but its done now. My pain is up today but that is because yesterday my pain was bad but I didn't have much of the fentanyl so until we can get on top of it again things will be a bit tougher. I'm sat in my bed playing with my blocks, and cards watching a bit of tv. Mummy's gone to get a press of my button because I'm very agitated and not happy. Saw the pain nurse this morning, she said I've got to have regular presses of my button to keep on top of the pain so hopefully things will get better soon. 
Not sure what we have planned for the weekend, we tend to just play it by ere now because we never know what kind of day I'll be having. 
It's strange not having Sam and his mummy around us now, kinda sad as I enjoyed seeing them and waving to them. She said she'll keep popping in to see me though :) 

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