Thursday, 20 June 2013

Our Last Day Turned Out Not To Be Our Last . .

So, on my last update I said it was my last day on M3, it wasn't. M2 had to close for a week for cleaning but when it re-opened they got full up with patients from another ward that had to close for cleaning which is why i am still on M3. I don't mind though, they staff are lovely and very kind. They are getting wise to me though and know I either want their badges, glasses or to just raid their pockets! 
There hasn't been any changes to my cares or pain relief, we are waiting on my surgery now. Once I've had surgery then they will try and reduce and get rid of some of the pain reliefs, some of them have to be gradual and could takes weeks/months to be off completely. 
I've had a good couple of days where at times my pain has been ok and I've been a lot happier and smiley. Today though I've not been too good and since waking I've just been laying down and uncomfortable. Hopefully soon though, I will be a lot more comfortable. 

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